Umpire Coordinator

Sven Serré (BEL) has, until 31/12-2021, been announced as Badminton Europe Umpire Coordinator by Badminton Europe's Board of Directors.

He shall be assisting the Badminton Europe staff on a number of different areas concerning the European umpires, such as:

Coordinate umpire selections for -

  • BEC National umpire workshop and appraisal
  • European Championships
  • European Games
  • Umpires going for BEC Accredited and Certificated Assessments

Coordinate nominations for -

  • BWF Events (Olympic Games and Paralympic Games not inclusive) and BWF World Tour tournaments
  • Umpires going for BWF Accredited Assessment

Supervision of -

  • Umpires' Record of Work
  • Reports from BEC National umpire workshop and appraisal
  • Reports from BEC Umpire Assessments
  • Reports from BEC Umpire Appraisals
  • Bids to organise BEC National umpire workshop and appraisal

The umpire coordinator shall furthermore be invited to attend Commission meetings in the Major Events Commission as well as the Circuit Commission, held twice every year.

It shall be pointed out that the umpire coordinator's work is made as assistance and recommendations to Badminton Europe, and that all appointments are confirmed by the Chair of the Technical Officials Committee before being announced.