Danish Junior Cup U17

Date:26/8/2022 - 28/8/2022
Entry deadline:26/7/2022

Update 29/07/2022: as announced on 27/07, the tournament will be played over 3 days. The provisional schedule was therefore changed:

- 26/08: R64 MS & WS + R32 MS, WS & XD + R16 XD (starting at 11h)

- 27/08: R32 MD & WD + R16 MS, WS, MD & WD + all QF (starting at 10h)

- 28/08: all SF + all finals (starting at 10h)

The team managers meeting will take place at 9h30 on 26/08 in the venue's cafeteria.

Update 27/07/2022: based on the final amount of entries and as announced in the invitation, the tournament will be played from 26 to 28 August 2022. The updated schedule will be published soon.

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Tournament contact: Hvidovre Badminton Klub

Tel: +45 53 62 08 70



Entries -

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Venue name: Hvidovre Badminton Klub

Address: Bibliotekvej 62, 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark



Courts: 6 courts

Shuttles: Victor ACE

Main Event: 26-28 August 2022

Final: 28 August 2022


Referee: Patrik Andersson, SWE